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Well, six months have gone by since I’ve updated this blog. It’s been about that long since I posted an update. I just don’t have a good excuse for you except that I have to completely rework my next few chapters (the last in Summer Solstice) after scraping them entirely. Then my muse went missing so my writing became nonexistent. Slowly, but surely, I’ve started writing again. For your patience, I’ve got just a taste of what the next chapter has in store for you. Enjoy!

While Sarah was busy with her planning, Jareth’s frustration with their current living situation was growing. The evenings were glorious and, he had to admit, he loved waking up with his beloved Sarah beside him. However, he hated letting her go back to his brother’s kingdom come the dawn. It didn’t help things that he felt, for the first time in his life, inadequate. What would happen if she should decide to leave? Would she even tell him?  

Of course, whenever Jareth felt a crisis of confidence – a rare thing, to be sure – his mood would grow more and more foul. May the Gods help the poor fool who crossed him. Today was no exception. With a kick, Jareth sent one of his goblins hurling out the window.    

“Little cretin!” he bellowed. “If you dare piss on my throne again, you shall find I will be much less generous.”   

Clapping from behind him alerted him to the presence of another. He turned to see Fagan standing there, his eyes mirthful as they looked on at the humorous scene. “Good show, my brother.”   

“Piss off!” Jareth snapped. He waved a hand and used magic to cleanse the seat of his power.  

 Flopping into it, he threw a leg over one arm and glowered at his brother.   

“Rough morning?” Fagan ventured. At Jareth’s silent brooding, he put a finger to the side of his mouth. “Or is it more?”   

Jareth shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Don’t you have something else you could be doing? Go bother your wretched fairies and leave me be.”   

“What has you in such a mood? Is it Sarah? Is there trouble in paradise already?” Jareth looked away. “Wait! You’re worried, aren’t you? You think Sarah is going to wake up one day and decide she would rather have her old mortal life. Do you really have such little faith in her?”   

“No…yes…I don’t know.”   

“Why don’t we grab a pint and you can tell me all about it?”   

Jareth stared at his brother. “It’s nine o’clock in the morning.”   

“You can reorder time, my brother. Surely it must be five o’clock somewhere.”  


Liam studied the board with such focus, one would assume he was plotting his next move. Well, he was, but it was his next move with his lovely companion and not the game that captured his attention. They’d kept to his word ever since the trial of his sister. The two of them had continued to learn each other as friends. As a consequence, their relationship had deepened into something so much more than mere friendship. Liam felt that forever would not be enough time with his Stephanie. Which brings us back to his current conundrum. How should he tell her that he was ready for more? Would she want that, too? 

“Are you going to make a move or are you going to sit and stare at the board all day?” Stephanie asked, amusement coloring her expression. 


“Where’d you go? I asked if you were going to make a move or not.” 

“A move?” 

Stephanie giggled and shook her head, pointing at the unfinished game of chess before them. “It’s your move.” 


Sarah pulled on her linen night shift, relishing the cool fabric as it touched her heated skin. The weather had been unbearably hot recently, perfectly matching her temper. She’d been out of sorts ever since her fight with the Goblin King. She could only hope he was as miserable as her. More, since it was all his fault in the first place. She sighed and slipped between the sheets of her lonely bed. It sucked sleeping alone in her old room. She punched her pillow in frustration. 

“Damn you, Jareth,” she groaned in the empty room. It felt like hours before she finally fell into a broken slumber. As she finally drifted off to sleep, she whispered, “I miss you.” 

Sarah would have been amused, and a little vindicated, if she knew that Jareth was having similar problems. Try as he might, he couldn’t fall asleep. His bed felt too big, too uncomfortable, without Sarah’s soft body next to his own. As he tossed and turned, he cursed his temper and stubborn nature – almost as much as he cursed Sarah herself. She’d made a fool out of him in front of his subjects. No one had a right to do that, no matter how much he was in love with that person. 

“Ah, Sarah-mine. Come back to me,” he whispered, as sleep finally took him.



“I told you, don’t move,” admonished the seamstress. 

Sarah rubbed her sore bottom. What the hell did she need a bustle for anyway? It felt like she’d been standing in front of these blasted three-way mirrors for hours. This was supposed to be the final fitting, but the designer had decided that the gown needed a bustle to complete the look. She looked over to Allie and silently cursed her friend. She’d been done an hour ago and was currently lounging in her chemise and dressing gown. 



“Oooo pretty” 

“Pretty pretty” 

“Pretty Queenie” 

Sarah turned to see her five goblin friends just as she felt another needle poke her in a very sensitive place. “Ouch!” 

“You move, you get poked,” mumbled the seamstress through a mouthful of pins. 


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Running Behind

I’m going to be later than I thought with the next chapter of Summer Solstice. Looks like my revised posting dates will be pushed back by one week. I’ll try my best to get it up this week, but I’m aiming for next weekend. Sorry for the delay.

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Next time on Summer Solistice

After getting such a great response to the last chapter, I’ve been editing like crazy to get the next chapter uploaded this weekend. Here’s an excerpt from the next chapter:

Taking a deep breath, Liam decided it was time to create his own happiness. “I hope to one day call you so much more.” 

“What are you saying?” 

“I’ve never felt this way before. I feel like I would move mountains just to see you again. What is it about you that makes me want to give up everything I thought I ever wanted?” 

A rose colored hue spread across Stephanie’s cheeks. “I’ll tell you if you promise to tell me why you do the same to me.” 

Moving quickly, so not to lose his nerve, Liam touched her lips with his own. His mouth captured her startled gasp. He was about to release her when Stephanie’s arms came around his neck, holding him to her. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before in his long life. Her lips felt soft and warm beneath his. He never wanted to let her go. 

The sound of a clearing throat behind the couple put an end to their passion. Liam turned to see his cousin’s amused eyes staring back at him. Sarah stood next to her suitor, burying a giggle in her hand. A quick glance at Stephanie gave him cause to smile. She was nearly red with embarrassment at having been caught making out with a man she only barely knew.  

“I came over to make sure you were ok, but I see you’re going to be just fine,” Jareth said, smirking. 

“I believe I am,” Liam replied with a smirk of his own. 

“I’m so happy for you both,” Sarah added. 

Stephanie smiled at her cousin. “What’s next for the two of you?” 

“I believe we have a Solstice Ball to plan,” Sarah replied. 

Jareth put his arm around Sarah’s waist. “A proposal, too.” 

“Oh? A proposal for what?” Sarah asked, feigning innocence. 

Jareth growled and hoisted a giggling Sarah into his arms. “It’s time to take our leave, precious thing. Say goodbye to our cousins. It may be some time before we see them again.” 

Sarah’s cheeks flushed as she looked to the other couple. “Bye, you two. Steph, we’ll definitely find time to talk later.” 

In addition to that find out:

  • Who interrupted the elders?
  • What will happen to the person that used the dark magic?
  • Are Sarah and Jareth going to get to that proposal?

The next updates are scheduled for:

  • Chapter 34 – September 12
  • Chapter 35 – October 3
  • Chapter 36 – TBA (final chapter, I believe)


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Coming Soon!

Hello all you beautiful readers out there. I know it’s been wayyy too long since I last posted anything and I need to remedy that very soon. In fact, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be posting chapter 33 of Summer Solstice this weekend. Yes, you read that right. After a several month hiatus, I will be posting a brand new chapter in less than a week. As a gift for your patience, here’s an excerpt from the next chapter due out this weekend. My tentative posting dates for the next few chapters are:

Chapter 34 – September 12

Chapter 35 – October 3

Chapter 36 – TBA (final chapter, I believe)

Now, onto the excerpt…

The High King’s tone left no choice but to acquiesce to his command. Taking his beloved’s hand in his, Jareth led the way towards his father’s private study. Fagan watched them go, his mind a flurry of concern. He still wasn’t sure he understood what had happened here today. How could so much go wrong in so little time? Though he didn’t know the what, the why, or the how, he had a pretty good idea of the who. Turning to his cousin, he gave an accusatory glare. 

Before he could give voice to his thoughts, he was interrupted by an angry Allison. “How dare you?” 

Liam looked shell-shocked. “Huh?” 

“You just couldn’t let them be happy, could you?” Allison shouted, her finger wagging in his face. The rosy hue of her cheeks grew darker with her rage. 

“You can’t be insinuating that I had anything to do with this.” 

“The hell I can’t!” 

Liam began to feel angry, but tried desperately to keep his composure. It wouldn’t do to allow himself to become fodder for gossip. “Madame, I assure you that I had nothing to do with this. Perhaps you are blaming me simply because you don’t want to believe Sarah and Jareth to be capable of such a thing. I cannot speak for Sarah, but I am more than certain my cousin could and would.” 

“You dare demean what they have with an accusation like that?” Allie ground out. She raised her hand to strike the man, unable to put her feelings into words.  

Fagan took hold of her hand to stop her from doing something she could never take back. “Come with me, my love.” He turned to his cousin with a scathing look. “You stay away from us. Haven’t you done enough damage here today?” 

Allowing him to guide her away from the scene, Allison gave one last glare to the man she held responsible for this whole mess. She made sure he knew that she would not forget what happened here today and would be closely watching his every move from here on out. Observing her conveyed message, Liam shuddered. He’d just made a powerful enemy and had no idea of what to do about it.  

Before he could say or do anything else, he felt a stinging blow across his face. He looked up to see an angry Stephanie nursing her hand. “I can’t believe you. Just when I thought you might be a decent guy after all.” 

“Stephanie, please, listen to me. I had nothing to do with this,” Liam denied. 

“Go to hell!” she shouted. A tear traced the contours of her cheek as she ran from him.  

Liam stood and stared at her retreating form. He suddenly felt the need to escape from this oppressive place. The whispers and stares all pointed towards the implication that he was involved in hurting their beloved Crown-Prince. Without another word, he left the great hall and went back to his place of solitude. Certainly, there must be some way out of this mess. He just needed some time to think.  

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Hello, is this thing on?

Oh, boy! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted anything here or on FF.net. To be brutally honest, I just didn’t feel like writing anything. Life has dealt some major challenges my way and I’ve been preoccupied by other things. I wrote about one of the most difficult obstacles here.

However, I’m happy to say, despite life trying to get in my way, I’ve finally returned to my writing. I’m almost done with Summer Solstice and am furiously editing away. I can’t promise that I’ll post by the end of the month, but I’m certainly doing my very best. To reward your patience, dear readers, I present you with a small excerpt from the next chapter:

‘Jareth, what’s wrong?’ Sarah asked. Though all she emitted were growls and grunts, he could still understand her perfectly through her thoughts.

“This missive says that we have to appear before the High Court immediately,” Jareth explained. His brow furrowed and he massaged the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache coming.

Sarah tilted her head at him. It would have been amusing in any other circumstance. ‘Do you think they know about last night?’

“Well, why else would they summon us?” Jareth snapped. With teeth bared, a deep growl told him that she didn’t appreciate his curt tone. “I’m sorry.”

Her snort was his only answer. Pacing the floor, he tried to think of a way out of this mess. If only he’d told his father about what had happened. They would still be in trouble, but at least his father would have been able to give him a little warning. To face him now, in disgrace, was going to be tremendously difficult. He didn’t like this feeling of fear and, to be honest, he didn’t wear it well. There was no way he could lose Sarah now that he had finally found her.

Sarah waddled back and forth in her own version of a pace. Her fear was just this side of panic for an entirely different reason. For the third time, she had tried to return to her true form and came across a block. Her heartbeat sped up as her new body entered into instinctual fight or flight mode. Jareth was so absorbed in the problem at hand that he didn’t notice the changes until she reared up on her hind legs with a roar.

“Precious?” he asked, trying to get her attention. When that failed to get a response, he began to feel a real sense of fear. Without meaning to do it, she could seriously injure him in this form. His voice took on a soft tone. “Precious, it’s ok. We’ll figure this all out. Please, darling, come back to me. Love, look at me. I need you to listen to the sound of my voice. Let it calm you.”

Sarah began to come back from the ledge. Though she was still stuck as a bear, she felt her essential self again. ‘Jareth?’

“That’s it, precious thing. I’m here.”

‘I’m scared.’

Jareth slowly approached her, mindful of her new body’s natural instincts. He began to sing, “I’ll be there for you.”

‘As the world falls down,’ she finished. His soothing voice calmed her, but she was still unable to transform back into her true form.

“I won’t let anything bad happen to you,” Jareth vowed. Once he felt the danger had passed, his mind returned to the scroll in his hand. “Now, why don’t you transform back and we’ll go face this head on.”

‘I can’t.’

“Come again,” Jareth replied, beginning to understand her sudden panic.

‘I’ve been trying to since we got the news, but it’s not working.’

“Have you tried swyn-ganeuon o trawsffurfiad?” (roughly translated as transformation spell)

‘Of course,’ she replied, indignantly. Did he think she was stupid?

Before he could determine what to do, the parchment burst into colorful flame. Jareth dropped it to the ground and stomped it out with his boot. His father certainly had a flare for the dramatic, but, then again, so did he. It was apparent that the High King and Court Elders were getting impatient. They would just have to go to court and hope that his father could help. After informing Sarah of their predicament, she reluctantly agreed. What other choice did she have?

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Another Video

After finally finishing Labyrinth’s Queen, I decided to take some time off from writing. I’m back from my break and working hard on getting a new installment of Summer Solstice out soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a video I created for one of my lovely readers.


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A Little Behind

I’ve been busy with my writing lately. In fact, I’ve almost finished another of my long standing unfinished stories. However, i took a nice little vacation up north and didn’t write a word so I’m about a week behind.in posting. That means there will not be an update this weekend, but I promise to get one up next weekend. I’ll also be putting up some more updates to this blog over the next week and answering reviews and messages. Until then, here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

“Oh, Oberon,” Titania cried, clutching her sons’ shirtsleeves in her hands as she attempted to rein in her tears. It wouldn’t be appropriate for the High Queen to wear her emotions on her sleeves, even if it were to grieve for her husband.

Jareth and Eurwyn led their mother to the body of their father for her final goodbye before they sent him off. They could feel her clinging to them and tried to be strong for her. She was always there for them and now it was time to return the favor. Each step that brought them closer to the late king was agony. The weight of everything that had happened had settled on their shoulders and they struggled to bear it.

Eurwyn was first to reach their destination. He knelt by the cold body of his father and said, “ffárwel, fy nhad.” (Farewell, my father)

It was soon Jareth’s turn to say goodbye. In a similar fashion to Eurwyn, he knelt and said, “orffwys heddychlon i dragwyddoldeb.” (Rest peacefully for eternity)

The two sons of Oberon stepped out of the way to allow their mother a private farewell. Like her sons, she knelt by the slain body of her husband. “Nid hwyl fawr am byth, fy cariad.” (Goodbye is not forever, my love)

Titania lifted herself up and, with her head raised high, made her way back down to the bottom of the pyre. Sarah had never seen someone with so much dignity in the face of heart wrenching grief. Her admiration soared for the beautiful queen. With her own husband at her side, she watched as the older woman crept closer to the logs and kindling at the base of the pyre. A complete silence fell among the onlookers as their queen created the spark that turned into a mighty blaze. She watched as flames engulfed the man with whom she shared her life and love.

“Farewell, my love,” she whispered.

On the wind, she swore she could hear, “Until we meet again, beloved.”


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Ok…I’m such a FanGirl! I’ve uploaded my very first Labyrinth video.

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Behind the Scenes: A Year Without Epilogue

As promised, here’s my behind the scenes look at the final chapter of A Year Without A Goblin King.  I wanted to get this out now as I believe I will be posting again this weekend when I update The Labyrinth’s Queen. Thanks, again, for all of your support!


  • This chapter ended up being a lot longer than I had planned. Originally, I was just going to have him announce their good fortune and then end it. However, Jareth demanded a longer scene so who am I to balk.
  • I tried to get as many characters from earlier in the story, as possible, written into the scene.
  • Caedmon still remains one of my favorite characters to write.
  • If you haven’t already figured it out, Lord Manus and Lady Caragh were in Sarah’s peach fantasy. If you go back and watch the movie, Lord Manus is the one reaching out to his Lady in front of Jareth after he removes his mask.  He has on a mask with a long beak. I like to add little things like this into my stories to tie them together with the movie.
  • I had a lot of people ask me what Jareth said to the boy in the diner. The answer was in this chapter and inspired Scott to make his intentions known to Sheila.
  • In truth, I didn’t know what to do with Rhisiart. Then Edme came along and it was obvious that they had an attraction. At least, that’s what my muse told me. In the end, they were happy with the write-in and I was happy to be done with them both.
  • Lady Vevila was included to show how much alike Sarah was to Jareth. I felt that she needed to get a little hormonal at the sight of some other woman plastered against her man. Who didn’t want to see someone thrown into the bog?
  • When Cuinn is taking to Sarah, he says he doesn’t see any crustaceans present. That’s a direct reference to Chapter 2, when Sarah turns Jareth into a giant crab during her magic lesson.

A look ahead:

Though this story is finally finished, I still have lot of work ahead. The Labyrinth’s Queen has been completed and I will post Chapter 25 this weekend. For being such good readers, I’m posting a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

As the fight wore on, Titania had little time to think about anything other than the present. Around her, the battle sounds melted into a droning accompaniment to her fight. Flashes of light reflected off of her sword as she plunged it into the hearts of her enemy. Her very spirit pushed her onward to the center. She vowed to be victorious. There was no other option.

Time passed without notice until it seemed as if they had been fighting forever. Marching forward, they battled the enemy with increasing fervor. It was as if they could sense the end was near. Titania wasn’t sure if it were hours or days until she finally could see an opening that would lead her directly to the center of the Labyrinth. Either way, it would all be over soon.

Looking back to her men, she raised her sword to the sky. “Onward, we march!”



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Can you believe it?

I have finished the final chapter of Labyrinth’s Queen and have started on a brief epilogue to tie up some of the loose ends. There will, most likely, not be a sequel to this story so I hope you enjoy it in its entirety. The last few chapters are now all in my editing process to make sure everything is the way that I would like to present it and makes sense. It shouldn’t be too much longer before they start going out to all of you, my faithful readers.

Until then, a poll for you:

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